<em>The Nostalgic Heart</em>
<em>The Nostalgic Heart,</em> Preface pages 12-13
<em>The Nostalgic Heart,</em> Cuzco pages 32-33
<em>The Nostalgic Heart,</em> Buenos Aires pages 76-77
<em>The Nostalgic Heart,</em> Barcelona pages 100-101
<em>The Nostalgic Heart,</em> Prague pages 122-123
<em>The Nostalgic Heart,</em> Kyoto pages 182-183
<em>The Nostalgic Heart,</em> Delhi pages 200-201
<em>The Nostalgic Heart,</em> Cairo pages 214-215
<em>The Nostalgic Heart,</em> Istanbul pages 234-235

The Nostalgic Heart

Cobalt Press 2006. Hard cover, 265 pages. Illustrated. 8" x 7.5".

2007 Independent Publishers Book Award.

Collections: Library of Congress, Minnesota Historical Society.


A chronicle of the artist’s 1995 travels to cities around the world, among them Lima, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Berlin, Prague, Delhi, Cairo, and Istanbul. Containing over ninety photographs and drawings, The Nostalgic Heart contends that the beauty and humanity of “the old square” still offer a model for living in the digital age.

“David Coggins shares a world of insight in his beautiful travel book—an unsentimental diary of poignant vignettes and artfully tinted photos. He is a romantic but a wise and insightful one who comes to terms with distance, time, and inevitable loss.”

Mary Abbe, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A beautiful and beguiling voyage of discovery full of the precise observations of an artist’s eye: haunting and evocative.”

William Boyd, author of Any Human Heart and Restless

The Nostalgic Heart is beautiful and heartfelt. It gives the word nostalgia its good and proper elegiac name again.”

Katherine Lanpher, Author of Leap Days

The Nostalgic Heart is my kind of book. Compelling to read, beautiful to hold in the hand and observe with the eye, and its emotional scent lasts long after it is left on the bedside table.”

Mason Riddle, Thinking Souls, mnartists.org

The Nostalgic Heart, a stunning, limited edition collection of photographs and essays by Minneapolis visual artist David Coggins, is the ideal travel companion during the day you play hooky from work.”

Stephanie Wilbur Ash, Twin Cities Metro Magazine

The Nostalgic Heart, Preface pages 12-13

The Nostalgic Heart, Cuzco pages 32-33

The Nostalgic Heart, Buenos Aires pages 76-77

The Nostalgic Heart, Barcelona pages 100-101

The Nostalgic Heart, Prague pages 122-123

The Nostalgic Heart, Kyoto pages 182-183

The Nostalgic Heart, Delhi pages 200-201

The Nostalgic Heart, Cairo pages 214-215

The Nostalgic Heart, Istanbul pages 234-235